our internship programme

2-months internship programme
for first year MBA students

Designed to spot and nurture
the next generation of Godrej leaders

An opportunity to learn across our businesses

Real-time impactful projects,
critical to business priorities

Mentorship and guidance
from senior team members


Businesses we hire for

Godrej Consumer






Godrej Capital


Gurukul Highlights


Hear them speak


Godrej Properties Limited


Godrej Capital


Godrej Consumer Products


Real time, live projects


Sales & Marketing


PSO & Manufacturing


Strategy & Business Development


Human Resources



Godrej Consumer Products


Godrej Properties


Godrej Capital


Godrej Agrovet



How can I apply for an internship at Godrej?

You can apply for the internship either through Godrej LOUD or through on-campus recruitment on your campus.


Which businesses do you hire for?

We hire for Godrej Consumer Products, Godrej Properties, Godrej Agrovet and Godrej Capital. However, depending on our recruitment needs and strategy, our businesses open their applications to select campuses.


Who is eligible for the internship programme?

First year students pursuing their Masters of Business Administration from campuses that we recruit from.


Do you have a preference for people with work experience?

No, our batches are a mix of students with work experience and freshers.


Tell me more about the projects offered during the internship.

We believe this is a great chance for you to learn, as well as for us to assess potential for young Godrej leaders of tomorrow. Your project will be real-time (it comes from our plans for the year) and will be key for your project guide to deliver on in the next 6 months or so. We also ensure that we build in a couple of aspects that we think are important for you to be able to assess what a full-time role would be like - like field visits and research or customer interactions or monthly sales target meetings.


How do you assign projects to interns?

We base this on the intern's profile and our interactions during recruitment.


What role does a guide play?

Your project guide, as the name suggests, will guide your internship at Godrej - mentor, ask the tough questions, push you to think harder, and provide feedback and input. This is the person who you will work the most closely with, your 'reporting manager' for the 2 months.


Who is a buddy?

Your project buddy is typically someone who we see you growing into in the next couple of years. It could be an alumnus, or someone with a similar background to you. Your buddy is your go-to person to help navigate the more informal channels and figure out if this is the career for you – so get invited to the next team dinner or grab a coffee or catch up over a football game.


What kind of learning do you offer during the internship?

We believe the best part of the internship is that you get to learn on the job through real-time projects that can have significant business impact. Some of your most valuable learning will come from the interactions with different people – your guide, your buddy, your team members, your customers and business partners and even your batch mates and friends – and a whole lot of self-reflection that we hope you make time for. To help equip you better, we also offer some structured learning interventions like our popular online master classes and interactive sessions with different business leaders.


How do you assess your potential hires?

Our assessment process is based on the Godrej Capability Factors, which define leadership capability at Godrej. It has 3 aspects: Leading Self (being self-aware and self-driven), Leading Others (collaborating with and developing people) and Leading Business (acting strategically to deliver results). Most importantly, we look for a match with The Godrej Way, our values and principles.


Do LOUD winners have any added advantage over other interns?

No, once part of the programme, all interns are offered the same learning inputs and are assessed on the same parameters.


What happens at the end of the internship?

The internship helps us build the next generation of Godrej leaders. At the end of the internship, we will make full time offers to select interns to join us as management trainees after graduating from business school.