"There is no place for discrimination at Godrej.
Only place for open hearts and minds."
We value Diversity

We value Diversity

We will continue to be an employer of choice by attracting and nurturing employees who are representative of the wider society at large, and by co-creating an organisation where all employees are treated equally and diverse opinions, ideas and ways of being are respected. We will focus on multiple and intersecting dimensions of diversity in our work at Godrej, such as Gender, People With Disabilities and LGBTQ, and participate in coalitions of change alongside other organisations and stakeholders outside Godrej. We will also strive to influence our customers, collaborators and other stakeholders about the importance and impact of Diversity & Inclusion through our public communication channels.


Our philosophy


We think of inclusion as a series of nudges - both individual and organisational. Our approach to inclusion is persuasive, iterative and experimental.

We are deeply committed to authenticity. We like to showcase our true self not just our best self. This means being self-critical at times, and sharing our failures as well as successes with the world.

Sharing is a vital part of our philosophy. We also see ourselves as part of the larger ecosystem. While we may compete in the marketplace, we can't compete in the inclusion space. When more organisations become inclusive, everyone wins. We are committed to sharing our journey with others and would also love to learn from other organisations.

Intersectionality, a term coined by Dr. Kimberlé Crenshaw, is a lens for seeing the way in which various forms of inequality operate alongside each other. We strive to be intersectional in our approach.


An equal opportunities

We do not tolerate any form of discrimination on the basis of nationality, race, colour, religion, caste, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, disability, age, or marital status and allow for equal opportunities for all our team members. Godrej Industries Limited and Associate Companies also subscribes to the CII-ASSOCHAM Code of Conduct for Affirmative Action.


A holistic, supportive
workplace for women

  •  Maternity benefits and support: 6 months of paid leave, with flexible options on return

  •  Caregiver travel: new mothers can bring a caregiver and children up to 1 year of age, on work travel

  •  Careers 2.0: offers women who have taken a career break a chance to return to the workplace

  •  Flexible working: part-time work, work from home and flexi time options to choose from

  •  Focused mentorship and training programmes

  •  On-campus creches



  •  Gender-neutral anti-harassment policy

  •  Same sex partner benefits at par with married spouses

  •  Gender neutral adoption benefits and support

  •  Gender transition support

  •  Gender neutral washrooms

  •  Community partnerships and advocacy


Building an inclusive Godrej

Nisaba Godrej on the impact of diversity on work culture, talent and business


Mental wellness

Our Employee Assistance Programme, globally available, offers resources and one-on-one counselling. We are also encouraging much more conversation and sharing around how to care for your mental wellness.


In conversation

Diversity & inclusion at Godrej Consumer Products - In conversation with Arisaig Partners

Over the years, Godrej's stance as an equal opportunity employer has grown stronger, and as Nisaba Godrej reiterates, we truly believe 'diversity leads to innovation.'

Every day is Women's Day at Godrej

We are exploring ways to provide a safe, engaging, holistic work environment for all our women team members.

Ritesh Rajani on an accessible queer future | Queeristan: LGBTQ Inclusion In The Indian Workplace.

Ritesh Rajani shares his hope for an inclusive India that acknowledges the intersection of queerness and disability in all community and corporate spaces.

The Real Deal - Let's talk about #MeToo

The Real Deal, our in-house talk show, encourages open dialogue on important topics. Here we discuss our stand on #MeToo and efforts towards creating a safe work environment.

Zainab Patel on systemic discrimination against trans persons | The Trans Inclusion Manifesto Launch

At the launch of the Trans Inclusion Manifesto at Godrej, Zainab Patel talks about the vulnerability of the trans and hijra community and stresses on the need for inclusion at the workplace.

Equal Parenting at the Godrej Group

We strongly encourage equal parenting through policies, process and support systems, including paternity leave, flexi work hours and work from home options (even pre-pandemic), medical support, and creche facilities.


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