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What is Godrej LOUD?

Godrej LOUD helps young and talented b-school students realize their personal dreams. Winners get INR 1.5 lakh towards their dreams and an offer into our internship program. We also have an in-house version for Godrejites!

Who can participate in Godrej LOUD?

Students currently enrolled in the first year of b-schools visited by the Godrej LOUD team.

How do I register for Godrej LOUD?

Visit the LOUD website - Click on the 'Apply Now' section and fill out the detailed application form.

How many selection rounds will I go through?

There are just two rounds. Send us your application. A list of finalists will be announced, who will later present to our jury at the LOUD finale. This will take place at the Godrej headquarters in Mumbai. Follow our Godrej On Campus Facebook page for announcements.

When will the finalist list be announced? What is the date of the LOUD finale?

The finalists will be announced on August 17, 2018, on our official Facebook page - Godrej on Campus. The finale will be held at our headquarters in Mumbai, Godrej One, on August 28, 2018.

What should be the format of my dream submission?

You can submit your dream in any digital format. It could be a PDF, Powerpoint presentation, video, etc. Please ensure the file size is not more than 5 MB as you will need to upload your application on the LOUD website.

What is the deadline for submitting my dream?

Visit the LOUD website - Click on the 'Apply Now' section, followed by the Dream Guidelines button which will list the application and deadline schedule.

What is the maximum duration for the completion of my dream?

You must fulfil your dream within one year from the date of winning LOUD.

What is the criteria for shortlisting dreams?

We look for entries which are authentic, unique and creative. We look for passion, perseverance and a well thought through game plan in your applications. We are also inspired by the efforts you have taken so far to chase your dreams and the miles you will go to make them happen!

Can I participate if my college is not there in the LOUD list?

Sorry, participation is currently restricted to the b-schools our team visits.

Which campuses is Godrej LOUD coming to this year?

Please check the campus list on the LOUD website.

I missed it when Godrej LOUD was on my campus. How should I participate now?

That's terrible (!) But of course, you can still participate. Check the deadline for your b-school and submit your dream on the LOUD website.

I am facing an issue while uploading my dream on the LOUD website.
Is there any other way I could submit?

Get in touch with your placement committee, they will send us your query through email.

What will the winners of Godrej LOUD get?

The winners get up to INR 1.5 lakh rupees to fulfill their dream and a pre-placement internship offer.

Is there any other way apart from LOUD that I can intern at Godrej?

Yes, we hire for internships directly too. Look out for us on your b-school campus.

What is the funding limit for dreams?

Godrej LOUD winners avail up to INR 1.5 lakh to fulfil their dreams. Even if your budget exceeds INR 1.5 lakh, you can use the LOUD budget to fulfil one part of it and raise funds separately for the remaining part of it.

Do only dreams of a certain type or budget get shortlisted or win?

We are open to any genre and budget of dreams. Over the past seasons, a variety of dreams ranging from a small to a large scale budget have made the cut.

How many winners will be declared at the end?

The number varies each year and is purely based on the jury's discretion. In the past we have had up to 7 winners.