Who can participate in Godrej LOUD?

First year students currently enrolled in the flagship MBA programme of the business schools listed on our website.


How do I register for Godrej LOUD?

Please get in touch with your Placement Committee for more details.


What's in it for you this year?


What's special about this Season 10 of Godrej LOUD?

2021 is Season 10 of Godrej LOUD. In the last 10 years, a lot has transformed at Godrej. Our businesses are bigger, stronger, and even newer. We are recommitting to be more purposeful and drive more impact. We are also living in a very changed India. The second wave of the pandemic was devastating and it has pushed us to reimagine several things. We started Godrej LOUD with one purpose – to find purposeful young people to drive change for Godrej and our world. This year, we are putting that front and center and looking to find catalysts who will lead purpose-linked projects for us.


What's in it for shortlisted participants?

We will be selecting a set of shortlisted participants to engage more deeply with. The core of these exploratory sessions is our belief that doing purposeful work is a large part of leading a purposeful life. If shortlisted, you will get to attend a set of immersive sessions: workshops, panel discussions and senior leadership interactions on personal purpose and its connect with the work you do, and our purpose at Godrej and how we want to help make change possible.


What will the winners of Godrej LOUD get?

First up, this year we won't have "winners". We told you a lot has changed :) Instead, we are looking for "catalysts" who will be offered (1) The opportunity to work on a purpose-led live project at Godrej, backed by senior leader mentoring (2) A PPO for an internship at a Godrej business (3) Sponsorship money to pledge to a cause they believe in.


When will the list of shortlisted participants be announced? What is the date of the LOUD finale?

Follow @GodrejOnCampus on Instagram and Facebook for all details. Shortlisted candidates will be announced on 16 August. The Godrej LOUD 2021 finale will be hosted on 15 September.




Is there any other way apart from LOUD that I can intern at Godrej?

Yes, we hire for internships directly too. Look out for us during your campus placement season.


How is an internship at Godrej structured?

Gurukul, our internship programme, offers you 8 weeks of real-time, on-the-job learning and close mentoring on projects that create value and delight our customers and consumers. We find this a great way for you to understand our businesses and people and get a sense of what a career at Godrej would be like. It also gives us a chance to assess you and the fit with our culture and aspirations. At the end, we hope both you and us will get to make a more informed decision, rather than having a rushed 20 minute interview. You can read more about the kind of projects we offer, roles and career trajectories on our website.